E.N.D. - A Grave Deceit EP (Geenger Records)

E.N.D. – A Grave Deceit EP (Geenger Records)

E.N.D. - A Grave Deceit EP (Geenger Records)

It’s been a while since E.N.D. has released some new recordings. Still, judging by their latest material meaningfully named A Grave Deceit, this Croatian groove/thrash/math metal trio doesn’t have any intentions to stop in the nearer future. E.N.D. are continuously evolving into an even greater entity throughout nearly twenty-five years of their existence as a band. In their longevous career, the group released loads of recordings such as …To The Bones, Progressive Age, Shortest Distance From The Truth, Depravity, Wintering, Illustrating Evil, and Demonic8. You can expect nothing but another tremendous material, which will undoubtfully gather metalheads and hardcore punks under one branch.

A Grave Deceit carries five mindblowing compositions, which are encompassing the vital elements of thrash metal, groove, math, metalcore, hardcore, but E.N.D. is somehow managing to stack these ingredients into one harmonious entity. This material delivers aesthetics of all the beforementioned genres, and you’ll notice enormous dynamics stacked by a detailed rhythm section as soon as you spin these numbers. The drumming performance is ultimately insane. Every rhythmical maneuver includes catchy accentuations delivered by continuous splashing over the cymbals, technically precise drum fills, and double bass drum acrobatics. The graciously distorted bass guitar is following these rhythmical sequences with a series of equally precise low-end tones.

Both instruments are liberating colossal dosages of dynamics and massiveness, while the thoughtfully arranged guitar shreds are chopping the atmosphere with ferocious themes. However, besides all groovy, math, thrash metal, and metalcore riffages, you may encounter occasional melodies, which are supplementing the adequate balance to the overall listening experience. The entire band operates as unstoppable machinery, built with the sole purpose to tear everything in the broader radius. The lead vocals are coming close to those hearable within the groove, hardcore, or metalcore scenes but still performed with more sense than in the vast majority of bands.

A Grave Deceit undoubtfully showcases an evolving process of the band that always delivered great recordings, but this one certainly outstands the preceding releases. These tunes will be suitable to the fans of Meshuggah, Napalm Death, Sepultura, Sick Of It All, Terror, or Whitechapel. The band heavily promotes this material over social media with an opening single called Blinded By Avarice. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to entirely enjoy this recording on November 27, when A Grave Deceit is officially coming out. A Grave Deceit will be available on compact disc and streamable over streaming services, so head over to Geenger Records for more detailed info.




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