Dirty Fonzy - Still The Worst CD

Dirty Fonzy – Still The Worst CD

Dirty Fonzy - Still The Worst CD

Dirty Fonzy has treated their loyal fans with a brand new material, which we covered yesterday on our pages. The Sky Can Fall On Us represents their most advanced recording to date that includes ten compelling numbers, which will unquestionably satisfy even the pickiest fans of melodic punk rock music. However, the limited edition double vinyl reveals another seven compositions, which are representing Still The Worst 7”, an additional material that fills the remaining space on a second vinyl. These numbers are also coming separately on a compact disc housed inside a promo cardboard sleeve, decorated with equally good visual identity as The Sky Can Fall On Us. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose between two separate compact discs or pick up a marvelously looking limited edition double vinyl housed in an eye-peeling gatefold sleeve.

Perhaps this material comes as an addition to The Sky Can Fall On Us, but it demonstrates a much aggressive side of Dirty Fonzy. Besides the unquestionably dominant presence of melodic punk rock, the group stacks up more melodic hardcore and skate punk maneuvers, performed in such a distinctive manner. Still, you may encounter a couple of pop-punk tunes, which are serving as occasional breaks in between vigorous numbers. This material vividly showcases how French, British, American punk rock scenes affected their writing, composing, and arranging skills. Dirty Fonzy has done incredible work by accumulating all the affinities of these subgenres to achieve fully energetic melodic sound with hearable fragments of aggression.

Guitars are firing tremendous harmonizations through skillfully arranged chord progressions, melodic themes, various guitar licks, and other compelling orchestrations that are perfectly accentuating all the qualities of the group. Underneath the harmonious layer of guitars, you may hear rich, warm, but punchy sounds of the bass guitar, which are providing a gracious dosage of compact low-end tones. Nothing would sound this incredible without a profoundly dynamic drumming performance, which retains other instrumentations in line through stable rhythmical maneuvers. The lead vocals are maintaining melodics throughout the entire recording with semi-distorted chants, but the group also stacked loads of backing vocals and singalongs along the way to keep the material even more detailed.

This additional recording demonstrates the ultimate power of Dirty Fonzy, combined into unifying harmony by these experienced French musicians. Comparing to The Sky Can Fall On Us, Still The Worst includes more fast songs that will suit fans of melodic hardcore music. This material comes as a desperately needed direct slap in the face after a series of moderate punk rock tunes, and you’ll undoubtfully love it!



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