Dirty Fonzy - The Sky Can Fall On Us CD

Dirty Fonzy – The Sky Can Fall On Us CD

Dirty Fonzy - The Sky Can Fall On Us CD

Dirty Fonzy is a longstanding French punk rock group emanating from Albi. The band recorded an impressive amount of recordings throughout the years, and it’s following a tradition of regular live performances at various events, venues, gigs, etc. In their decade and a half running career, Dirty Fonzy has recorded Comix Tattoo EP, a single Posters On The Wall, then another single Let’s Kick Some Ice, Dirty Fonzy Playing Punk Rock LP, Here We Go Again LP, appeared on a split release with Bad Chickens, Dirty Fonzy Playing Folk Songs LP, Underground City LP, Too Old For This Shit EP, Riot In The Pit LP, Hangover & Broken Dreams LP, Dirty Fiasco EP, and Dirty Fonzy Covering Punk Rock Songs. The band also received a well-deserved tribute album treatment called We Are Dirty Fonzy Family, with bands such as The Rebel Assholes, Bad Chicken, No Guts No Glory, Undergang, This Life, plus many more covering some of their personal favorites.

The Sky Can Fall On Us is their latest offering to the broader auditorium, which includes dozen compelling punk rock numbers that will immediately indulge your listening apparatus. The group nurtures recognizable melodic punk rock sound soaked in a generous dosage of aggression but without spoiling the polyphonous structure of the songs. Dirty Fonzy is relying upon foundations of several subgenres that are mainly hearable throughout the entire album. Their music unavoidably levitates between classic punk rock, skate punk, pop-punk, and modern street punk sound. Nevertheless, each beforementioned ingredient combines with the remaining portions of subgenres in something we could unquestionably call skillfully performed melodic punk rock. Without any doubt, Dirty Fonzy paid a lot of attention to every detail you could eventually think of at the moment.

According to their social media pages, Dirty Fonzy is recommending their music to the admirers of Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Social Distortion, and Face To Face. However, this is quite the contrary because The Sky Can Fall On Us comes even nearer to the sound of Bouncing Souls, Red City Radio, Iron Chic, RVIVR, TILT, Pulley, Donots, with the abovementioned recommendations popping up occasionally throughout the recording. Their music is quite diverse and explored even further to the more detailed aesthetics of a punk rock sound, so you may encounter some other influences that perhaps inspired the group while listening to their appealing music. The Sky Can Fall On Us certainly showcases the full potential of these French musicians, who have done tremendous work with their latest album.

This material comes as a limited edition double vinyl release and a compact disc. The compact disc includes a regular cardboard sleeve, decorated with a very detailed eye-peeling illustration. However, this illustration probably looks much better on a vinyl edition. It’s a personal preference, but a small format like compact disc spoils the visual identity of the release, so I highly advise you to pick up the double vinyl version. Nevertheless, the music is quite good, and I am positively sure you’ll enjoy it. The Sky Can Fall On Us is available directly from the band, so head over to their Bandcamp page and preserve your copy of this magnificent punk rock amalgam.



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