Bitten By A Cobra - Nebula 7''

Bitten By A Cobra – Nebula 7”

Biten By A Cobra - Nebula 7''

It’s been a while since Bitten By A Cobra has released a physical release. This electronic artsy grindcore act is no stranger to our blog, and I had an opportunity to introduce his music on these pages before. I wrote a review about his debut cassette named Palms almost two years ago, and the project released a couple of singles since then, mainly promoted over streaming services. Palms included some unique characteristics that defined the articulations of this specific outlet since day one. Nevertheless, David Hardenfalk, who’s mainly responsible for everything considering Bitten By A Cobra, eventually decided to incorporate some additions and innovations along the way, which are unquestionably uplifting these sonic maneuvers on an entirely new level.

Nebula is his latest offering to the broader auditorium that includes seven blistering compositions in approximately five minutes. Bitten By A Cobra still levitates somewhere in between skillfully structured noisy electronics and classic grindcore acrobatics. The subtle wall of noise binds these two elements into an entirely controlled sonic maelstrom. However, there are even more ingredients stirred up into an already comprehensive collection of compelling articulations. You may hear subtle dosages of mathcore, hardcore punk, crust punk, and black metal, but the involvement of these genres is perfectly combined with the predominant aesthetics of electronica and grindcore. David thoroughly planned out every movement, addition, and accentuation, which undoubtfully defines an improved sound of Bitten By A Cobra.

Perhaps David is mainly responsible for songwriting, composing, arranging, but Nebula also includes some guest appearances by Joakim Lindström (Mr. Death/The Grifted) and Lovisa Mood (Ilska), who both delivered fierce lead vocals for the entire material. Numbers such as Not Worth Repeating, Golden Triangle, Fast Fashion, and Androids were performed by Joakim Lindström, while tunes like You Won’t Be Able To Breathe and Horribly Disfigured were sung by Lovisa Mood (Ilska). Their tremendous vocal abilities are complementing a profoundly energetic musical performance that, in multiple cases, expands the foundations of grindcore as a genre. Bitten By A Cobra appears as a logical extension of grindcore music, entirely improved by electronic and artsy aesthetics to match the needs of the contemporary scene. It’s a self-explanatory evolvement that goes beyond the rudimentary principles of the genre that may be much suitable for the newer generations, but I am positively sure it will please diehard fans who’re willing to listen to this material with open hearts and minds.

Nebula comes on a clear single-sided lathe cut 7” record, but it’s also digitally available at all streaming services. The lathe cut 7” carries a marvelous cover artwork on the labels, while the digital edition reveals the entire visual identity in all its glory. Bitten By A Cobra is a labor of love and expresses David’s inexhaustible creativity. Like everything considering this outlet, David devotedly follows the DIY ethics, so this record has that unique vibe. You should unquestionably consider checking out this material if you’re into innovative grindcore music.




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