No Matching Socks - Almost There CD

No Matching Socks – Almost There CD

No Matching Socks - Almost There CD

No Matching Socks are a Dutch punk rock group, which recently released a debut album named Almost There. The band initially started as a quintet but eventually became a trio when Rob, Oey, and Harry decided to proceed with practicing. After a while, No Matching Socks shared the stage with Adolescents, UK Subs, Candy Snatchers, and The Riverboat Gamblers. The group also won the audience award at the Lucas Dec Bokaal and toured England, Germany, and Belgium. It took a while until they finished recording their debut album, but surprisingly the group stacked loads of material onto their full-length release.

Almost There contains fifteen compositions that are leaning towards classic punk rock sound. No Matching Socks are nurturing specific four-chord progressions, fast rhythmical sequences, loads of singalongs, and other articulations that are so characteristic for eighties punk rock music. The group almost entirely relies upon eighties UK punk rock heritage with occasional explorations into late eighties hardcore, street punk, and melodic punk rock. No Matching Socks are drawing influences from many spheres of underground music, so you may encounter some familiar melodies, harmonies, segments that will unquestionably evoke some memories of renowned groups that shaped this particular genre.

A healthy dosage of humor, wittiness, and sarcasm decorates their material in its entirety. Sometimes the themes of their lyrics may seem a little bit overwhelming, but the group is unquestionably having the best times of their lives playing music they unreservedly love and admire. No Matching Socks are transcending positive vibrations by covering various situations, events, and circumstances through their numbers, and this particular aspect of the album will keep your concentration on their version of a punk rock. Their musical articulations seem appropriate for a local pub, squat, or some bigger event, and I am positively sure that Almost There will find potential admirers among punk rockers.

Almost There comes on a compact disc housed in a jewel case. The release is accompanied by a classic collage made of photos and assorted merchandise. The visual identity resembles the artwork for Trashed by Lagwagon, but the music differs a lot. Almost There CD is available directly from a band, but you can also check it out at Spotify if you’re into digital streaming.







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