Subzero - House Of Grief 7'' - Upstate Records

Subzero – House Of Grief 7” (Upstate Records)

Subzero - House Of Grief 7'' - Upstate Records

Subzero are back with a brand new 7” record called House Of Grief! They’re one of the longevous NYHC groups that gradually set the standards and shaped the scene as we all know today with such a diverse sound comparing to the remaining portion of the groups who were active back in the day. Since their formation in 1989, Subzero combined robust hardcore articulations with aesthetics of punk rock and metal sound. The group released recordings such as a debut self-titled promo cassette, Ice Age 7”, Giger demo, Happiness Without Peace LP, Necropolis 12″ EP, and The Suffering Of Man CD. Subzero also appeared at a tribute album to The Smiths and has done a split CD release with Facecarz named NYJP.

These NYHC heavyweights also shared the stage with renowned acts such as Slayer, Hatebreed, Megadeth, Motorhead, Misfits, Sick Of it All, Exodus, Rancid, Cro-Mags, DRI, Killswitch Engage, Napalm Death, Iron Maiden, Cannibal Corpse, Eminem…to name a few. They were one of the first five American hardcore bands that toured and performed at all major venues in Japan, played all the major festivals, and sold-out shows throughout Europe. Still, the group remained true to their underground roots and respected by the big names in the game.

House Of Grief represents the progression, experimentation, and exploration into the unexplored musical frontiers without sounding repetitious, pretentious, and monotone. Their music expanses over recognizable NYHC sound, punk rock aesthetics, metal articulations, and darkened ambiance. Subzero maintains its recognizable maneuvers, which gained them popularity on the underground scene, but also evolves into something even greater as time goes by. This particular 7” includes two compositions. House Of Grief represents a brand new material recorded during 2020, while the other side carries a re-recorded classic Necropolis – The City Of The Damned, which appeared on the 12″ EP back in 2004. These particular recordings are coming as a little overture for the upcoming material, which is currently in the works.

House Of Grief commences with technically precise moderate rhythmical acrobatics and darkened guitar shreds that are indicating loads of entertainment throughout the entire number. This composition deals with inner struggles, consciousness, and difficulties hidden somewhere beneath during a lifetime. House Of Grief digs deep into all the negativities that are making this life even harder than it could be. Their metallic approach to traditional hardcore maneuvers unveils even more detailed sound than on their previous recordings, while dark, depressive, nihilistic punk rock aesthetics are mainly hearable through thoughtfully arranged lyrics. These combinations are already proven formulas invented on their preceding recordings, but this new material unquestionably nails with even more compactness, confidence, and colossal sound.

An improved version of Necropolis – The City Of The Damned liberates tremendous, massive, polished sound brought by the contemporary trends in music production. These innovations in production are undoubtfully showcasing the best affinities of this hardcore classic, which certainly evokes memories of one of the best mini-albums hardcore scene has to offer in 2004. The ferocious lead vocals finally received a well-deserved spotlight on this number, and the group appears as singular wrecking machinery, which tears everything apart in the broader radius. From blistering vocals and exceptionally performed guitar shreds to massive basslines and maniacal drumming performance indicates that Subzero are fully equipped for their next musical endeavors.

House Of Grief comes on a purple variant and a standard black 7” record. This recording includes an eye-peeling illustration of a skeleton character, which by all means represents death. The skeleton is surrounded by thorns and a giant Subzero logo on the very top. The entire packaging looks marvelous, so head over to Upstate Records and preserve your copy while the quantities last.



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