Born Infected - Self Reflection CD - Engineer Records

Born Infected – Self Reflection CD (Engineer Records)

Born Infected - Self Reflection CD - Engineer Records

Born Infected is a brand new hardcore punk band based in Winterswijk, Netherlands. Perhaps the group is a newly established unit, but some of their band members are familiar names on the local scene. Ronald, Stan, and Patrick already played together in bands such as Past Our Means and Crawfish. With the addition of Pascal (ex-Revealed, ex-Brickhead) on bass guitar and Ken (Reverse The Flow), Born Infected are more than ready to deliver a meaningful message through engaging hardcore punk numbers. The band has been around for nearly a year, devotedly working on the material for their debut, which leaves positive impressions on the listening apparatus.

Born Infected operates as a platform firmly chained to important causes, which immediately need implementation in contemporary society. The group preaches about the importance of animal rights, veganism, and eco-movement in times when both ignorance of humanity and societal habits are harming the global ecosystem. Self Reflection discusses these crucial issues and reflects on our daily routine as possible causes for ecological downfall, global warming caused by gas emissions, malnutrition in third world countries, global poverty…etc. Still, Born Infected leaves enough room to reflect on the lack of compassion of contemporary society towards all living beings inhabiting the Earth.

Musicwise, Born Infected nurtures widely recognizable new school hardcore sound with strong accentuations characteristic for the contemporary scene. Besides the dominant reign of hardcore sound, you may hear lot’s of beatdowns and catchy old school thrash metal riffages throughout the entire recording. These combinations resulted in powerful orchestrations that are strongly resembling mid-nineties to late nineties hardcore music. You may hear similarities with renowned hardcore acts such as Earth Crisis, No Turning Back, Backfire, Death Before Dishonor, Terror, Wisdom In Chains, but still, Born Infected are tending to keep their sonic articulations as unique as possible. One thing is for sure, you’ll fall in love with their intelligent songwriting, addictive beatdowns, and energetic guitar shreds if you’re deeply rooted in hardcore music.

This recording is coming soon on compact disc by Engineer Records. Self Reflection arrives with a meaningful illustration of pissed animals reclaiming their rights and taking all the power back. You’ll be blown away by both the visual and sonic identity of this material. Don’t miss the chance to check out this one.



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