Varsity – The Basement Takes LP (2015-2016) (Run For Cover Records)


Varsity is a Chicago based indie-pop band comprised of multi-talented musicians who are shifting boundaries of the genre with every following recording. The group has started their euphonious endeavors with a self-released single called Turns Out, which has been accompanied by a B-side number Downtown. Then Varsity has published Thanks For Nothing EP in 2014, with five brilliant numbers that marked a bright future for the band. Later on, Varsity has signed to Jurrasic Pop Records in 2015 and has published their critically acclaimed self-titled album. After this distinctive record, Varsity has issued a couple of more singles such as Cult Of Personality, with a B-Side titled So Sad, So Sad in 2015, and Eye To Eye in 2016, which has been accompanied by a B-Side Kelly. The band also recorded Smash, which has been followed by Still Apart on the B-Side in the same year. These recordings have helped out Varsity to break through the indie scene, so they’ve signed to Babe City Records. This signing resulted in their sophomore album entitled Parallel Person. It seems that 2018 was fruitful for the group since they managed to sign to Run For Cover Records, a prominent indie recording label based in Boston, Massachusetts. This signing has resulted in the promulgation of their final single The Dogs Only Listen To Him, which has been accompanied by UFO on the B-Side. The Basement Takes encapsulates the career of Varsity by storing singles in one place, and it’s mindblowing how these tunes go altogether. These compositions have been produced separately, but somehow they go hand in hand altogether without spoiling the overall listening experience. With that being said, The Basement Takes serves as a documentation of the very beginnings of this band. Perhaps the sound of the Varsity can be described as a perfectly executed indie pop, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye. The more time you spend enjoying their instrumentations, the more you will reveal the brilliance of this band. Varsity gradually exposes a vast world of cleverly layered melodies, which are cunningly hidden beneath some standard indie-pop orchestrations. The group has stacked indie rock, 60s rock’n’roll, alternative, and power pop. Their music carries that retro feels mainly because the studio reverb, which has been added to give an even more pleasant atmosphere to the euphonious music. These recordings showcase beautiful harmonizations, sophisticated dynamics, ear-appealing atmosphere, delicate song structures that are certainly playing the big part in the music of this talented band. Varsity played on not so safe cards when they decided to incorporate the aesthetics of both retro and contemporary sound aesthetics, but it seems like this formula worked out well for them. Sophisticated guitar dualities are battling upfront, while warm sounding basslines and retro-sounding drumming performances are providing delicate dynamics to the band. Keyboard and synths are soaking these instrumentations with gracious portions of layered melodies, while the brilliant female vocals are serving as a centerpiece of the group. Her vocal abilities are so profoundly elegant, and it’s simply mindblowing how she covers lows and high keys with such ease. Their music possesses all the vital elements of the popular, mainstream, and underground music, thoughtfully combined in pleasant orchestrations that will certainly reach the hearts and minds of the wider audiences. The Basement Takes have been accompanied by a simplistic artwork depicting hands holding a tea bag and a cup. The art reveals the initial purpose of this record because this music is such a perfect soundtrack for sunny mornings when you’re sipping a cup of warm tea beside the window. The Basement Takes have been published by Run For Cover Records, so check their website out and purchase this magnificent record.

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