Serpent – Lluna Roja LP (Various Labels)


This band has drawn my attention as soon as I stumbled upon their music a couple of months ago. Due to my obsessive work on this blog, somehow I forgot about their music for a while, but then I recollected my thoughts after a short discussion with a friend of mine. Then I’ve decided that the band with such potential needs a proper review of their incredible records, and here we are today. Lluna Roja is, as far as I am informed, a debut full-length album by Serpent, a magnificent post-hardcore group originating from Barcelona, Spain. The band has previously recorded a demo recording with seven songs, which has been published by Pifia Records, so Lluna Roja serves as a comprehensive representation and proper introduction to the sound of skillful musicians. Perhaps Serpent can be classified as a post-hardcore band, but this distinctive recording offers so much more than one particular genre. The post-hardcore aesthetics are certainly presented in their best possible way, but this euphonious amalgam deliberates generous portions of melodic punk rock as well. Serpent combines these two special ingredients into a delicate sonic form, so Lluna Roja possesses more than a simplified glimpse at these elements. Intense guitar harmonizations simultaneously sound both threatening and calmly, but these magnificent installments have been sensibly orchestrated by following monolithic sounding basslines and precise rhythm section. The immensely energetic drumming performance retains loads of dynamics alongside with aforementioned distorted low-end segments. Vocals are ranging between raging roaring and subtle melodic chants. These particular vocal technics provide enough stamina to the powerful instrumentation of the entire band. Lead vocals are definitely holding the title for being centerpiece components of the band alongside with exceptional guitar shreddings, which are going beyond comprehension at some moments. The beauty of the Serpent hides in their ability to spice things up at the moments when you think they’re showing all the tricks, but all of a sudden they put even more installments in their works. This astonishing recording has been enhanced by a simplified geometric artwork of the lunar phases. Lluna Roja has been published on coke bottle variant, and standard black vinyl by BCore, La Agonia De Vivir, Navalla, Pifia Records, and Saltamarges Records.

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