Foxhall Stacks – The Coming Collapse LP (Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings)


New bands are literally popping out of nowhere and it’s almost like an invisible competition, the bands are outshining each other without any intention to actually do that. Perhaps Foxhall Stacks are a new band, but its members are active on a Washington, DC scene for over 40 years, so, for instance, Brian Baker is a well known for his work with Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Bad Religion and he is a bass player on this album. Pete Moffett drummed for DC hardcore punk legends Government Issue and Wool, before joining singer/guitarist Bill Barbot (Jawbox) in Burning Airlines. These fine musicians have been gathered by a guitarist Jim Spellman whos famous for being the part of Velocity Girl and High Back Chair. Together, they’re delivering a piece of powerful music which is much closer to power pop or perhaps indie and alternative sound than punk rock like we usually expect from DC bands, but on the other hand, this is such refreshment for the ears. Instead of implementing fundamentals od DC hardcore punk music, Foxhall Stacks are approaching the sound from a much different perspective. Besides regular explorations into power pop, indie, and alternative music, the band is dealing with a lot of emo and post-hardcore melodies, new wave, mod revival, and rock’n’roll music. The band is clearly aiming up to the much commercial waters. Their foundations are still deeply rooted in punk rock music because of a huge involvement of the basic punk rock writing and composing, but eventually, their music is becoming more complex because of large portions of melodies delivered by both guitars. This is how The Clash would sound today but with all the finesses DC bands are famous for. The Coming Collapse has been published by Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings and it’s available on vinyl, so don’t miss this beautiful records played by DC legends.

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