Free Sergio – Arrows


Recently, I stumbled upon this interesting punk rock band from Israel. Located in Nazareth Illit, Free Sergio are assembled by four guys who simply adore punk rock and judging by their debut album called Arrows, they’re totally up to the task throughout the album. As the band stated on their facebook page, Free Sergio started in 2009. as a bad joke, but according to the presented material which we’re covering today, these guys succeeded in their aim to create something much more serious than just a bad joke. Arrows consist of twelve ultra-melodic punk rock songs which are somewhere in between pure skate punk and pop-punk music, but the band does not escape from other music genres as well. Vocals are packed with some raw emotions, the singer is transcribing each moment, emotion, event through his clean singing, but it doesn’t sound so mellow like the singers sometimes tend to sound. The riffs possess all the elements of 90s punk rock, but with a small presence of modern pop-punk elements which are implemented here and there. The band deals with a lot of brilliant structures characteristic for melodic hardcore punk bands, so you might hear those elements on some compositions as well. The guitars are supported with a great rhythm section comprised of good bass lines and impressive drumming sections which are responsible for the massive tone of this band. The band is aiming high with some energetic compositions which are carrying fundamentals of some proper melodic punk rock and to be fair, their debut deserves all the possible attention. Arrows is available on all the streaming services, so I advise you to check out Free Sergio and their brilliant debut album which will amaze you from start to finish.

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