Scarabeusdream - Crescendo LP - Noise Appeal Records

Scarabeusdream – Crescendo LP (Noise Appeal Records)

Scarabeusdream - Crescendo LP - Noise Appeal Records

I am not sure how I missed this release when it came out, considering I already wrote a dozen reviews about Noise Appeal releases at that point. It’s strange how some excellent recordings sneak under the radar while others pop up almost twice a day on social media and streaming platforms. Noise Appeal are known for their tireless routine and heavy promoting everything that’s under their branch, so I will definitiely blame the lame algorithm. Scarabeusdream is an Austrian orchestral post-hardcore duo that will blow your mind with creativity and musicianship. It’s unlike anything you heard before, and there’s no doubt you’ll hold their record near and dear once you give them a chance. Scarabeusdream have several full-lengths like Sample Your Heartbeat To Stay Alive, Tacet Tacet Tacet, and Crescendo. There’s also a split CD with Cameraman released around their inception onto the Austrian DIY scene.

Crescendo is my pick for today. It’s their third album released in 2019 via Noise Appeal Records. I assume the label published it before the pandemic, so I am not familiar with how well-received it was by the crowd, but it still sounds fresh today. Scarabeusdream nurture such a specific sound based upon several music genres that perfectly blend together. You’ll notice some of the finest properties of post-hardcore, progressive rock, post-rock, noise rock, art-rock, and indie rock. However, these skillful musicians borrowed sonic ingredients from newjazz, experimental, avant-garde, orchestral, neoclassical, and cinematic ambient. You’ll be surprised how each element I mentioned in this piece plays a significant role in shaping such a complex, detailed, luxurious sound of Scarabeusdream, which is sometimes chaotic and sometimes calm, but never repetitious or predictable.

I know that many followers or readers of our website don’t want to hear or even remotely check out anything about progressive music, but Scarabeusdream are on an entirely new level. Instead of solely exploring the progressive side of music, which sometimes might sound challenging to listening apparatus, Scarabeusdream have a sense of balance that gives more than necessary harmony to these numbers. They somehow stacked these tracks with impressive, mindblowing, compelling musicianship but simultaneously included some pop sensibilities. Therefore, you’ll hear jaw-dropping piano, key, and synth virtuosities in many cases, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon harmonious, melodic, cathartic pop aesthetics, ambiances, and vocal segments that perfectly match the remainder of the instrumentations these folks included along the way. There’s an equally challenging drumming performance that flawlessly suits the piano leads. Scarabeusdream assembled and arranged these rhythmic sequences by implementing profoundly detailed beats, accentuations, fills, and other percussive acrobatics that often vary in time signatures and tempo. The best part about everything these guys put together is the fact Crescendo sounds ear-appealing, easy listening, and completely divine from scratch to finish. The album comes in deluxe gold-embossed packaging including a photo of band members on the front, a tracklist on the back, and lyrics on the inlay. Crescendo is available in the Noise Appeal Records web store. Don’t miss this one!


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