Luna Waves - Blood Moon

Luna Waves – Blood Moon

Luna Waves - Blood Moon

Luna Waves is one of those artists you need to check out as soon as possible. After singles like Mystery Loves Co. and Ocean Warm and full-lengths such as Seafoam Dream Pt. 1, Blood Moon, and the most recent Bruised Gold, it’s time to revisit a title track from Blood Moon. There are many reasons why this highly experienced artist decided to push this particular composition among many others included on the album. Blood Moon carries an ear-appealing, calm, relaxing, nearly cathartic ambiance achieved by implementing generous servings of studio reverb, echo, and delay. These effects unquestionably push all the melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions forward in the mix and decorate everything Luna Waves tried to incorporate into this song. You’ll notice how this skillful musician included only the finest properties of shoegaze and dream pop, but as usually is the case, there’s more than meets the eye.

  • Luna Waves
  • Luna Waves

Still, many other music genres are lurking around in the mix. Luna Waves fully stacked Blood Moon with some of the finest ingredients borrowed from music genres such as alternative, grunge, art rock, indie rock, psych-rock, and psych-pop. Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other elements because Blood Moon bursts with so many qualities that you’ll spend some time listening to it until you grasp them all. All orchestrations sound mesmerizing, beautiful, and divine, and the catchy, hypnotic rhythmic sequences are helping out this track to shine even brighter. There are healthy amounts of semi-distorted riffs, high-pitched synth leads, arpeggiated chord progressions, and warm-sounding low-end tones lurking around. Each of these instrumentations improves the listening experience. The exceptional vocal harmonies perfectly apply over a pleasant sonic background that will instantaneously get under your skin. Luna Waves is a musical genius capable of writing, composing, recording, and producing fresh, unique, exceptional alternative, dream pop, and shoegaze compositions. Blood Moon is available on all streaming platforms.





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