The Cookie Jar Complot - Beaver Deciever

The Cookie Jar Complot – Beaver Deceiver

The Cookie Jar Complot - Beaver Deciever

The Cookie Jar Complot recently released a new single. This Luxembourg-based math rock duo never ceases to amaze with their mesmerizing ambiance, mind-blowing virtuosities, and comprehensive collection of ideas stacked into their compositions. That’s the case of Beaver Deceiver, a powerful track performed in a recognizable The Cookie Jar Complot manner. Besides the sheer dominance of math rock, you’ll notice how these skillful musicians implemented some of the finest properties of post-rock, art rock, indie rock, and alternative. However, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon other music genres because these guys are capable of placing even the impossible combinations together.

  • The Cookie Jar Complot
  • The Cookie Jar Complot
  • The Cookie Jar Complot

I adore how the chord progressions, progressive scales, various guitar licks, and other six-string acrobatics contain enormous complexity. Nevertheless, The Cookie Jar Complot always equally focuses on the melodic side of the spectrum. Therefore, this is not yet another classic math rock number but a fine piece of sonic artistry that will appeal to your listening apparatus even if you’re not a fan of the genre. It’s jaw-dropping how the rhythmic sequences fall into this thoughtfully arranged scheme, where detailed beats, odd time signatures, catchy accentuations, and drum fills perfectly match the impressive guitar segments. The healthy servings of studio reverb give more depth to the entire track, and that’s where all the relation with post-rock and ambient come from, without spoiling the initial sonic direction. The Cookie Jar Complot are geniuses who always find ways to impress, indulge, and surprise their listeners. You need to check out Beaver Deceiver as soon as possible because it deserves your utmost attention. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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