Proto Tip

Proto Tip Released “S Ivice Sanjanja” LP Via Pop Depresija

Proto Tip

Serbian group Proto Tip presents its debut album “S ivice sanjanja” (From The Edge Of Dreaming), available on all digital platforms, Youtube and bandcamp. The album is followed with the fourth video single (directed by Sara Radulović) for the song “Svet se menja” (The World Is Changing) featuring guest musicians, Boris and Ana-Maria from the band Repetitor.

What an incredible journey Proto Tip has taken since 2017. and the release of the first EP “Fear of the Certain” (Listen Loudest), until now, with their debut album… 

Some albums are not easy, even during the creative process, playing and thinking. And some songs are hard to live with. Five years later, one Hali Gali compilation later, dozens of concerts later and after big personal changes in the band, everything is in its place. From the initial anger, destruction, personal hell and downfalls, the songs have developed into intimate anthems of small victories in life and fleeting moments of happiness.

Nikola Čučković, singer and guitarist, says the band has started working on the album back in 2018.“ As the line-ups have changed since, “everyone who has passed through the band or participated as a guest brought something of their own to the songs.” 

He explained that the album “is the result of what the band has lived and experienced during all those years. Love, losses, bad choices, falls, pleasures, joys, sorrows and regrets.”

“On the verge of dreaming, the pain subsides, one comes into contact with short-lived resemblances of peace and the whole experience is irresistibly reminiscent of love. However, here the awakenings are painful and unpleasant. The very fact that we are still here and that this album is completed is a huge victory,”he says.

The band “owe our gratitude to Uroš Milkić, who not only recorded and produced the album but also participated in the creative process, with the greatest patience,” Čučković says.

The album was made in the Down There studio in New Belgrade, and as usual, Uroš Milkić was the recording artist, producer, parent, best friend and band member.

For the first time in his career, Damjan Nedelkov played the role of co-producer (along with Proto Tip, guitarist for Gazorpazorp). The album was mastered by Carl Saff.

Milkić describes the work on the album as “quite atypical.“

“I just can’t believe that we  have finished it at all“ as it has been worked “on and off” for at least two years. ” 

“The line-up changed several times, a lot of guests appeared, even I jumped in on backing vocals, and played various guitars, percussion and synth on several songs,“ he says.

Milkić says he feels like “none of the songs came easy, they were all hungry for extra parts, harmonies, colours, atmosphere.“

“We could forever refine and improve this album, but it’s good that this is no longer possible.

“It is very emotional and heavy. Nikola does not chase rhymes, his lyrics are sometimes scary, and sometimes full of love. Nothing is ’fake’, at times is brutally honest,“ Uroš says.

His advice to future listeners – use better headphones.

Eight songs make the album “S ivice sanjanja”, three already known – singles “Kako ovde”, “Krećem se” and “Duša u šaci”. The instrumental “Damask” and four more songs are new – “Izjutra/suton”, “S ivice sanjanja”, “Svet se menja” and “Sve što boli proći će”.

Proto tip is in the end a real Hali Gali team: from the initial trio Nikola Čučković (voice and guitar), Vuk Knežević (bass) and Vukašin Radić (drums), to the arrival of Damjan Nedelkov (guitar, Gazorpazorp), Danilo Ilić (drums, Sitzpinker) and Nikola Bugarčić (bass), and Pavle Dimitrijević (bass and vocals, ex-Johanbrauer) in the current line-up.

Guests on the album are Boris Vlastelica and Ana-Marija Cupin from Repetitor (Svet se menja), Dunja Mijačić from Sitzpinker (Duša u šaci, Izjutra), Katarina Popović from Vroom (Sve što boli), Lola Miković from Klotljudi (Krećem se, Izjutra, Damask), Matej Rusmir (Kako ovde, Damask), Miloš Stefanović (Sve što boli proći će, Damask).

Stefan Stevanović Pepi designed the front page and cover. The album will be available as a limited edition LP during the autumn, and the first promo concerts will be in late March in Belgrade and Ljubljana (Hali Gali as part of Kontakt and MENT).





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