whoskevin? ft. Jake Anthonyx - Going Dark

whoskevin? ft. Jake Anthonyx – Going Dark

whoskevin? ft. Jake Anthonyx - Going Dark

After a series of singles such as Blood On My Sweater, The Void, Satisfaction, Hello World, TheDayYouLeftNothingFeltTheSame, Looks That Kill, and Bad For Me, Fort Lauderdale-based prolific artist whoskevin? teamed up with fellow musician Jake Anthonyx for a new track. Going Dark follows the aesthetics of whoiskevin?’s previous works, but it also delivers many innovations in terms of writing and composing. Speaking of production, Dak Holiday did a tremendous job while producing this particular composition. whoskevin? explores the fundamentals of emo and screamo sound, usually decorated with the finest sonic maneuvers and sound that meet all the trends of contemporary music production. Still, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon other complementary music genres along the way.

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  • whoskevin?

whoskevin? included all the finest properties of post-hardcore, modern metal, nu-metal, and alternative without losing the primary sonic direction. You’ll immediately notice how whoskevin? transits from clean to screaming segments with such ease. His mindblowing vocal abilities are the centerpiece of this composition, while the remainder of the orchestrations serve as a perfect sonic background for his vocal maneuvers. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll not hear all those heavy, powerful, tight riffs and chord progressions, semi-distorted basslines, and complex rhythmic sequences. I adore how the entire track continuously levitates from calm, relaxing, soothing verses to extremely aggressive choruses. Each moment invested in this song sounds divine, and whoskevin? proves once again why he’s one of the best artists on the emo, screamo, nu-metal scene. Going Dark is available on all streaming platforms.





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