Hella Comet - Westend 10" EP - Noise Appeal Records / Schnapsidee Records

Hella Comet – Westend 10″ EP (Noise Appeal Records / Schnapsidee Records)

Hella Comet - Westend 10" EP - Noise Appeal Records / Schnapsidee Records

A new parcel with goods arrived from Noise Appeal Records recently, and since this particular release is the oldest one, I thought it would be a good idea to start this week with it. Westend is a 10″ vinyl EP by Hella Comet, an Austrian noise-rock trio from Graz. Since this release emerged for the first time in 2011, Hella Comet has released many recordings, such as Wild Honey, TTMMM, No Buzz, Locust Valley, Turf, a split release with Flowers In Concrete, and UMPteeeeeee. They also have Celebrate Your Loss, a debut full-length album released in 2010. As you can see, Hella Comet kept themselves pretty busy over the years, and they still record and perform music nowadays.

What makes Westend so interesting is the way the band separated this material. Hella Comet separated this release into two sections, so you have a longevous title track on the A-side, while the B-side carries two remixes by Binder & Krieglstein and Le Tamtam. Both compositions originally appeared on their debut, Celebrate Your Loss. The title track kicks in with some engine-like industrial noises and then suddenly transits into a divine post-rock ambiance. Hella Comet are pros in combining several subgenres of rock, so don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some of the finest elements of post-rock, noise rock, shoegaze, grunge, and indie along the way. Westend serves as a perfect example with all its high-pitched, noisy, cleverly constructed chord progressions, riffs, distorted basslines, and groovy rhythmic maneuvers. The calm post-rock ambiance easily transforms into heavier noise rock segments while wondrously performed vocal parts remain constant. You’ll also notice some experimentations with guitar effects that might resemble something experimental and Avant-rock bands would include on their recordings. These experimental virtuosities unquestionably assist in shaping a cathartic atmosphere that surrounds the entire composition from scratch to finish.

The other side commences with a distinctive version of Bury The Hatchet. This version offers a slightly stripped-down, glitchy, noisy, skillfully remixed track that might seem too minimalistic to some ears. However, this remix offers more than enough details if you pay closer attention while listening. For those who don’t prefer glitch, there’s a much calmer, downtempo, ambient version of Hellek that may resemble something the great Vangelis would eventually produce during his career. The layers of ear-appealing synth melodies, harmonies, drones, and accentuations shine bright throughout the entire track while the focus still remains on flawlessly performed vocal parts. Westend 10″ is a unique blend of many music genres bounded by the unlimited creativity and skillful musicianship showcased by every musician involved in the entire process. This release is still available separately or as a part of the Hella Comet vinyl bundle, so hear to Noise Appeal Records and grab this gem.


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