Moviola – Zero Sum

Moviola - Zero Sum

Columbus rock group Moviola has released a brand new track today. Zero Sum is their first single this year, but the group has been active since 1995 and has an impressive discography. As soon as you press play, you’ll notice Moviola explores many complementary music genres. Perhaps the sheer dominance of classic rock lurks around from scratch to finish, but you’ll also stumble upon some other sonic ingredients. Moviola embraces only the best properties of Americana, power pop, alternative, and indie, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other genres as well. To put it simply, Zero Sum is an eye-appealing power pop-infused rock song that will melt your heart.


There is even a thick layer of reverby ambiance resembling contemporary dream pop music, but Moviola are much more into power pop, surf rock, and classic rock music. Their sound is nearly psychedelic, harmonious with plenty of singalongs that unquestionably enhance the listening experience on an entirely new level. Moviola thought about every detail while writing, composing, recording, and producing Zero Sum so this song sounds exceptional. The semi-distorted chord progressions continuously duel with the guitar licks provided by the other guitar, while the bass guitar contributes to this number with massive low-end tones. Nothing would sound so profoundly dynamic without an excellent drumming performance that simultaneously accentuates particular segments and keeps the remainder of the orchestrations in line. There’s no doubt in my mind this song will win the hearts and minds of those interested in power pop, surf rock, and classic rock music. Zero Sum is available on all streaming services.

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