Ainheeky – Goalden Skeye

Ainheeky - Goalden Skeye

Brazilian indie artist Ainheeky has unleashed a tremendous debut composition today. Right off the bat, this profoundly creative multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer showcase the comprehensive arsenal built upon exceptional vocal performance, ear-appealing chord progressions, powerful riffs, catchy guitar licks, cleverly assembled basslines, and thoughtfully constructed rhythmic segments. With impressive qualities like these, there’s no way you’ll not going to love this track. Ainheeky paid attention to all the details, so this track sounds like he previously recorded at least five full-length albums. goalden skeye possesses everything you ever needed to get your summery weekend going like a charm, but of course, this number would appeal to any season of the year.


Ainheeky avoids all the typical cliches previously heard in numbers by the contemporary alternative/rock musicians. Perhaps he uses alternative and indie rock as the foundations of his sound, but goalden skeye resonates with a unique ambiance. It’s due to the high amounts of power pop, psychedelic rock, and nineties rock because all these genres are unquestionably present in one form or another. They’re not punching your ears directly, but Ainheeky used some of their best properties, so this song could sound so fresh compared to the remainder of the scene. The way he wrote, composed, sung, performed, recorded, and produced this track is nearly mindblowing, and you’ll feel that divine ambiance once you listen to the goalden skeye. You can check out Ainheeky’s debut single on all streaming platforms.

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