The Hamiltones – Dracula Invitational, 1791 LP (Swimming Faith / Big Neck Records)

The Hamiltones are coming back on the scene with the blast. Their most-advanced full-length material Dracula Invitational, 1791, represents an illustrious soundtrack for the Dracula b-movie you have never seen and perhaps, may not exist at all. However, their humorous take on classic horror movies intervenes with comprehensive knowledge about this particular movie genre. The… Read More The Hamiltones – Dracula Invitational, 1791 LP (Swimming Faith / Big Neck Records)

The Kindest People – Director’s Cut

The Kindest People are returning with another brilliant material. Like their previous recordings, this particular album is one of many from the series of conceptual releases. Each release follows a specific concept, decorated by an appropriate music genre. Therefore, their material recorded in 2016 carries surf rock aesthetics, recording from 2018 includes elements of garage… Read More The Kindest People – Director’s Cut

Pennan Brae – Lit LP

Pennan Brae decided to make a proper comeback with his latest offering to the broader auditorium. His latest full-length recording, simplistically named Lit, offers ten cheerful rock’n’roll compositions gradually infused by the recognizable power-pop vibe. His music vividly resembles the classic rock’n’roll sound of the seventies and eighties, highlighted with catchy pop twists and turns… Read More Pennan Brae – Lit LP

Cobra Cobra – Demo Tape (Swimming Faith Records)

Cobra Cobra is a raw punk rock group comprised of band members hailing from São Paulo and Buffalo, New York. Their demo tape is one of the debut releases by the Swimming Faith Records, Buffalo-based record label specialized in so many musical spheres. The record label serves as a platform for all the activities requiring… Read More Cobra Cobra – Demo Tape (Swimming Faith Records)

Hightime – Thrive 7” (Pee Records)

Hightime is an amazing mashup of various genres coming from Adelaide, Australia. Thrive is their brand new 7” record that has been announced on the social media a while ago. By mashup, I mean tons of well-incorporated influences ranging from highly addictive fundamentals of melodic skate punk and jazz to perfectly arranged elements of reggae… Read More Hightime – Thrive 7” (Pee Records)

The Hamiltones – The Shape Of Walter 7” (Swimming Faith Records)

The Hamiltones are instrumental surf rock trio based in Buffalo, NY and their debut 7” The Shape Of Walter is such a great homage to the classic horror movies and surf rock scene. The band is comprised of John Toohill (Science Man, Alpha Hopper, Radiation Risks, Night Slaves) on guitar, Richard Reynolds on bass and… Read More The Hamiltones – The Shape Of Walter 7” (Swimming Faith Records)