Higgs Field

Higgs Field Release New Single

Higgs Field

Higgs Field are a band introduced to us in 2020 with their song “The Source”. A hard hitting song with catchy melodies and a unique tone that made us feel hopeful for what the band had planned.. Then on New Years day 2021 we were given their debut EP “Paracusia”. A solid EP and an unexpectedly mature piece of art that got us even more excited to see what these four Alt Metallers could bring to the table. Now in 2022, Higgs Field has come together to bring us their most exciting work yet, with their new song “Leader in the eye”.

“Leader in the eye” is a commentary on how important it is for culture to survive and the struggles that come with fighting to make sure it does. This is conveyed with passion and aggression that cuts through the mix, making you feel like you’re a part of a bigger movement. They Sing to you with beautiful melodies, capturing your attention, waiting for you to lean in a little bit closer, only for them to scream at you like “Are you awake yet?”. With the song being over 5 minutes long, the band clearly didn’t have aspirations to make a radio friendly song but at no point does the song become repetitive and boring. If anything, the progressive changes throughout the track hold your attention throughout, making you go back for multiple listens to see if you’ve missed anything. Full of crunchy riffs, groovy bass lines, deep percussive elements and a uniquely beautiful vocal style, Higgs Field have really stepped up their quality of songwriting and production, exceeding our expectations left with us after the release of “Paracusia”.

Higgs Field is a four piece, alt metal band from Mount Gambier, South Australia, “A volcano, 400kms between Adelaide and Melbourne.” In a small town of 30,000, Higgs Field really shows how isolation breeds creation, with a strong sense of experimentation, sounding nothing like the hard rock and metal coming from the two capital cities. With clear inspirations from the 90’s Alt metal era, with bands like Tool, Soundgarden and Alice in chains, the four Aussie metal heads take the things that we loved most about that era and make it new again. It’s easy to fall into the cliches of metal and rock music but Higgs Field really pushes against this, giving us something unexpected and unique. “Leader in the eye” is full of dark tones and trippy soundscapes that put you in an almost meditative state, only to shock you into action as the song progresses into a stampede of aggression. The band recently took to social media to talk about the new song and the inspirations behind it.

“If you’ve seen us live, you’d probably be familiar with our song “Leader in the eye”. This August, we’ll be releasing this bomb ass track on all streaming platforms! The song holds an important and strong message that we’d like to talk about a bit.

“Leader in the eye” is a song about the survival of culture. The world has always been a chaotic and dark place. It’s changed somewhat but unfortunately the violence has never stopped.

This song tells the true story of an ordinary man who tries to get his people to safety, away from the tyranny of evil men. This ordinary man faced the same tragedies and adversities as everyone else around him but his determination and will to keep moving forward is what makes him stand out as a leader. His leadership is what inspires the motivation to “just keep walking” for the sake of survival.

We dedicate this song to the people who fought to keep their culture alive, passing down knowledge to the next generation. Without them the world would be a much darker place. We’re very proud of how this song has come together and we hope above all else, it inspires a deeper learning and when you need it, the drive to push forward.” –
Higgs Field

Higgs Field has given us an absolute gem with this new track “Leader in the eye”, showing their maturity as growing artists, with an emotionally driven, heavy sound, coupled with intelligent music writing. “Leader in the eye” is set for release on August 19, 2022 and is a promising sign for new music to come from Higgs Field and has us excited to see what they’ll release next.






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