Strange Company – Fever Dream

Strange Company - Fever Dream

Swansea trio Strange Company has recently released a new number. Fever Dream embraces only the best properties of several complementary music genres such as emo, screamo, indie rock, alternative, and post-hardcore. The band thoroughly planned each segment, so their song follows all the contemporary trends in the beforementioned music genres but also pays respect to the old-school sound in one way or another. Therefore, Fever Dream will appeal to you no matter which type of sound you prefer. It’s nearly mindblowing how Strange Company combined the calmness of emo/indie sound with the sheer aggression, energy, and dynamics of post-hardcore. You have to hear it to comprehend the brilliance of this band.

Strange Company

As soon as you press play, you’ll notice Strange Company are experienced musicians capable of assembling excellent, sincere, heartfelt compositions that unquestionably sound fresh and unique. Their track continuously levitates between soothing arpeggiated chord progressions and heavy post-hardcore riffs. You’ll notice how this band transits from one segment to another without sounding odd. They understand the fundamentals of all the genres they included, so Fever Dream sounds compact from scratch to finish. The rhythm section provides necessary dynamics through cleverly assembled low-end tones and superb drumming, while the dualities between clean and screamo vocals enhance this song even more. Strange Company are not joking around with their music, and that’s vividly hearable at Fever Dream. Give this band a listen, and you won’t be disappointed. Fever Dream is available on all streaming platforms.

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