Blame Yourself – Insects

Blame Yourself - Insects

Newcastle-based alternative rock quartet Blame Yourself has recently released a debut composition, which will serve as a treat for all those listeners looking out for a soothing, cathartic, modern rock song with the best properties of indie pop music. Perhaps Insects is their debut number, but these guys are not joking around with their music. Quite the contrary, you’ll notice Blame Yourself consists of experienced musicians who know how to write, compose, record, and produce superb alternative/indie tracks that will keep your listening apparatus occupied for a while. Also, don’t be surprised if you end up putting this track on your playlist because its soothing tones may act hypnotizing on you.

Blame Yourself
Photo by Lang Shot Photography

Insects consist of a catchy, arpeggiated math rock intro that paves the way for the remainder of the instruments. This intro becomes a theme that slightly changes in one way or another, but it unquestionably develops the sound of the band. You may also hear thoughtfully arranged basslines that simultaneously support this guitar theme, perfectly pair with the rhythmic maneuvers, and provide massive sonic background for the entire song. Nothing would sound so energetic without a profoundly dynamic rhythm section that gives a bit more complexity with cleverly assembled beats. The lead vocalist undoubtedly knows how to deliver that ear-appealing layer of harmonies that complements every chord, low-end tone, and beat. His performance comes like a cherry on top over these orchestrations. Insects may appear to your ears as a dynamic math rock song or alternative rock ballad. It works in both cases, and you’ll love this track. Insects are available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss this one!

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