Sleepspirit - Reflections

Sleepspirit – Reflections


After the series of singles and Silhouettes & Whispers EP, Sleepspirit return with another excellent composition. Reflections is their latest standalone single and the first number released this year. It comes as more than an appropriate continuation of Boundaries, their standalone single released in 2021. However, Reflection also reveal many improvements in their lyric, composing, arranging, and performing. It truly displays the heavily upgraded sound of an already magnificent band who decided to write the song about mental health struggles. The song shows the author facing many difficulties and life struggles, questions the purpose and meaning of life, and his decisions. It’s such a moving song that deserves your utmost attention.


Besides the profoundly meaningful, touching theme, Sleepspirit thought a lot about sonic support. The band combines elements of several music genres to achieve the desired sound. Therefore, you’ll notice how only the best properties of alternative, indie rock, post-hardcore, and metalcore articulate in harmony from scratch to finish. Perhaps the post-hardcore is Sleepspirit’s primary weapon of choice, but they unquestionably know how to combine other beforementioned elements to resonate with the same power as their post-hardcore side. You’ll hear how the band incorporated electronic and ambient music with heavy riffs and a profoundly dynamic rhythm section. The calmy, melodic, harmonious vocal parts continuously clash with aggressive guitar shreds, heavy basslines, and excellent drumming performance. There’s a healthy dosage of breakdowns that makes this composition even more colossal. It’s one of those songs you need to listen to comprehend its brilliance. Reflections is available for listening on all streaming services.





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