Turquoise – Le Bruit

Turquoise - Le Bruit

After a self-titled EP released in 2019 and a standalone single released in 2021, the Belgian post-punk quartet Turquoise returns with another excellent composition. Perhaps this is a relatively young group, but their sound resonates with so much experience packed in nearly three minutes of sonic artistry. Le Bruit is more than solid proof that post-punk as a genre can still surprise, amaze, indulge and offer something fresh and unique. Turquoise somehow packed all the vital elements of post-punk sound without sounding repetitious and boring. Still, this band is not only about this genre. Quite the contrary, you’ll notice the elements of synth wave, cold wave, and new wave combined in a way not to spoil the primary direction of the group.

Photo by Quentin Perot

Turquoise paid so much attention to every instrument involved in their sound. Therefore you will vividly hear how synth beats articulate with chunky, analog low-end tones or how the synth melodies, harmonies, and themes resonate with chord progressions delivered on guitars. The band knows how to combine every instrument to the advantage of the entire song, so Le Bruit offers nothing but a pleasant listening experience that will keep your listening apparatus entertained for a very long time. It’s a catchy post-punk track with only the best properties of synth wave, cold wave, and new wave lurking from beginning to the end. You have to check out this track. You won’t be disappointed. Le Bruit is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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