Keanu Ienco – Indigo

Keanu Ienco - Indigo

Native American/Canadian post-rock artist Keanu Ienco has recently unleashed another outstanding single that showcases his tremendous writing, composing, producing skills. Indigo represents his second single published in 2022 that comes right after critically acclaimed number named I Still Shine. Keanu Ienco continues his journey through the vast post-rock universe built upon thoughtfully assembled guitar shreds, riffs, themes, and solos. Of course, his impressive virtuosities wouldn’t sound compact as they are without more than necessary rhythm section, based on cleverly arranged basslines and excellent drumming performance. Indigo is a proper follow-up to I Still Shine, but it also hides many sonic delicacies along the way.

Keanu Ienco

For this particular single, Keanu Ienco teamed up with Elise Boulanger, an outstanding vocalist who additionally enhanced an already beautiful post-rock number. It’s nearly mindblowing how her voice suits all the orchestrations, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised about it while listening. Besides post-rock, Ienco incorporated other sonic ingredients like progressive rock, math-rock, alternative, and indie rock. Still, Indigo is primarily a post-rock composition that shines bright with all its orchestrations, maneuvers, arrangements, accentuations, and ambiances. Indigo will be right up your alley if progressive post-rock sound is something you dearly love and listen to, but I highly advise you to check out this track even if you’re not into this genre. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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