Jonny Perrins – Mr. Crazy Daze

Jonny Perrins - Mr Crazy Daze

English garage rock artist Jonny Perrins has released a debut single today. Mr. Crazy Daze is a hedonist anthem that sonically explores so many subgenres of rock music that is nearly impossible to grasp them all in one listening. Perrins is inspired by punk and garage rock, but his debut composition hides more than meets the eye. Besides the dominance of garage rock and smaller chunks of classic punk rock that lurk around along the way, this creative rock artist incorporated some other complementary ingredients borrowed from subgenres of rock such as alternative, indie, psych-rock, and rock’n’roll. Despite the impressive servings of so many subgenres, Mr. Crazy Daze sounds compact from scratch to finish.

Jonny Perrins
Photo by Max Barlow

Mr. Crazy Daze carries the sound of late sixties to mid-seventies psych-rock mixed up with sixties garage rock sound. Still, the presence of late seventies punk rock and contemporary alternative/indie rock is undeniable. The excellent sound that follows all the trends in modern music production captures all the ideas and orchestrations Perrins intended to implement into his composition. Mr. Crazy Daze sounds and appears like an excellent debut single performed by an experienced musician who knows what he’s doing. The single is available for listening on streaming services.

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