The Gold Supply – Something Like You

The Gold Supply - Something Like You

Reading, UK-based alternative rock trio The Gold Supply released a new single today. Something Like You comes as a proper continuation of their debut four-track extended play named Underwater Completely. It is also their first single in 2022. Something Like You follows nearly the same sonic aesthetic as their EP release, but this time, The Gold Supply decided to try a slightly different approach in writing, composing, and producing. Therefore, this particular composition bursts with more energy and dynamics compared to previous EP recordings. Right with the initial notes and beats of Something Like You, you’ll notice this style suits them well.

The Gold Supply
Photo by Lydia Victoria /

The improved sound of The Gold Supply still contains beautiful dreamy, echoic, reverby ambiances, piano melodies, semi-distorted guitars, and cleverly arranged basslines, but the rhythm section has changed a bit. Instead of aiming for a slower approach, The Gold Supply speeded up a little bit, and these energetic beats go to the advantage of their sound. Also, the band thought a lot about vocal parts as well, so you’ll notice that delightful lead vocals are adding up another layer of harmonies over the top, and the singalongs are giving more catchiness to the song. Something Like You is a thoughtfully assembled alternative rock number that deserves your utmost attention. You can listen to it on all streaming services.

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