Murnau – Baltic Sea

Murnau - Baltic Sea

After releasing their critically acclaimed single named Dalia, Murnau return with another outstanding composition. Baltic Sea is the fifth single in the row from the series of singles launched in 2021, and it is also their first single this year. The single represents a natural progression of the band that surprises with each new release. Murnau furthermore expands their sound towards a more dreamy, grungy shoegaze music. Besides the sheer dominance of dream pop, shoegaze, and grunge, the band also includes all the best qualities of some other complementary music genres like alternative, stoner, indie, and post-rock. It’s an exciting amalgam of various genres that somehow work to the advantage of this particular song.


There are a lot of other things going on throughout the singular track. Murnau fully stacked this composition with powerful riffs, echoic harmonies, ambiances, calmy chants, and heavy rhythmic maneuvers. The Baltic Sea possesses a colossal reverby atmosphere that pervades the listening apparatus from all the possible directions. It’s a nearly cathartic experience that forces the listener to repeat this number over and over again. As soon as you press play, you’ll immediately notice how the band thought about even the tiniest details while assembling this superb track. Baltic Sea is available for listening on all streaming services.

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