The Fades – Lost My Job / Time Is Right

The Fades - Lost My Job / Time Is Right

London, UK-based post-punk quintet The Fades released a double single today. Lost My Job/Time Is Right comes as such an appropriate follow-up to their previous single releases, People In General and TV Nation, both released in 2021. This time, The Fades offer these two compositions that unquestionably differ in sonic approach, aesthetics, and dynamics. Lost My Job showcases the widely known sound of The Fades, established upon their admiration towards post-punk, art-punk, and indie rock movements. On the other hand, the Time Is Right comes as a complete instrumental composition based upon an energetic punk rock with nearly progressive and math rock influences enclosed within less than two minutes of pure sonic artistry.

The Fades

Judging by the appearance of both tracks, The Fades remain loyal to their post-punk roots. Still, they don’t hesitate to experiment with different sonic approaches to expand or enhance their already luxurious sound. Lost My Job/Time Is Right is a more than a perfect demonstration of how post-punk music can still sound fresh, innovative, and unique, even forty years after its initial appearance. The Fades once again proved they’re capable of expanding/experimenting even further and going into the very depths of post-punk sound. Lost My Job/Time Is Right is available for listening on all streaming services.

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