Stay For Tomorrow – Prison Living

Stay For Tomorrow - Prison Living

Scottish alternative rock quartet Stay For Tomorrow released a brand new song today. Prison Living is the seventh single in a row from a series of singles launched in 2019 and their first release this year. This time, Stay For Tomorrow delivers a modern, energetic, dynamic alternative rock composition that serves as such appropriate follow-up to their previous recordings. Still, the band continues to further expand the sound by adding even more layers of harmonies, melodies, and other sonic delicacies. Prison Living is unquestionably one of the best contemporary alternative rock tunes you’ll hear this year.

Stay For Tomorrow
Photo by Matt Robertson / Linen Town Studios

Besides the uncompromising dominance of modern alternative rock sound, you may stumble upon other complementary genres such as indie rock, indie pop, and pop-punk. Still, these additional elements serve more as minor enhancements, and the band retains a primary focus on alternative rock. Stay For Tomorrow thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver, thoughtfully written, composed, and assembled the entire track, so each segment comes as an appealing journey built upon layers of pleasant melodies. If modern alternative and indie rock is something you prefer, then there’s no slightest doubt Prison Living will be your go-to track every time you need some flawlessly executed music. Prison Living is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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