Malin Wättring - I Want The Truth

Malin Wättring – I Want The Truth

After being established as a saxophonist and composer on the modern jazz scene, Swedish artist, musician, and composer Malin Wättring decided to sail into different musical waters. These sonic explorations resulted in outstanding debut composition named I Want The Truth, available on streaming services today. This particular number leads the listener on a calmy, relaxing, soothing voyage into the depths of post-rock. It’s a cathartic listening experience that indulges the listening apparatus with pleasant melodies, harmonies, and ambiances. Wättring‘s tremendous musical experience is vividly hearable as soon as the composition commences, but the number delivers even more sonic delicacies as its approaches towards the end.

Malin Wättring

I Want The Truth focuses on several key elements, such as skillfully performed lead vocals, choirs, piano melodies, nearly distorted ambiances, and heavy rhythmic segments. Perhaps this composition appears as a piece of contemporary post-rock artistry, but there are also some other ingredients involved in the entire process. You’ll unquestionably hear how alternative, indie, nineties rock, and ambient music inspired this highly experienced artist to write, compose, record, and produce such a divine composition. It’s a song for all the senses, and you’ll instantly delve into every sonic maneuver enclosed within this colossal slab of thoughtfully assembled orchestrations. I Want The Truth is available for listening on all streaming services.






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