Echo Coast – Drinkin’ In Berlin

Echo Coast - Drinkin' In Berlin

Echo Coast returns with another brilliant track. Drinkin’ In Berlin is the sixth composition from the series of singles launched back in 2020 and the first track this year. This particular track comes as a proper continuation of Echo Coast‘s previous works. However, this track contains some hidden sonic delicacies along the way. Drinkin’ In Berlin possesses all the best qualities of classic punk rock tunes, enhanced by some complementary ingredients borrowed from genres such as garage rock, rock’n’roll, power pop, alternative, and indie. It carries a slightly psychedelic atmosphere, so Drinkin’ In Berlin could unquestionably pass as a psychedelic punk rock song.

Echo Coast

The song possesses all the vital elements of all the best classic punk rock songs. You’ll immediately notice how the seventies punk scene inspired Echo Coast to assemble this ear-appealing track. You could easily put it besides the greatest hits of some renowned punk rock bands. Still, it sounds fresh and unique considering the beforementioned elements implemented in its core. Echo Coast incorporated semi-distorted chord progressions that especially shine bright during the catchy, ear-appealing verses. There are also recognizable power-pop singalongs that are spicing things up a little bit more. I highly advise you to check out Drinkin’ In Berlin if you’re profoundly into classic punk rock sound. You won’t regret it. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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