Lyena – Boys Toys

Lyena - Boys Toys

English modern post-punk trio Lyena released a brand new single today. Boys Toys is their fifth composition in a row from the series of singles launched in 2020 and the first single this year. This particular number showcases some innovations in their already versatile sound. Besides the sheer dominance of early eighties post-punk sound, Lyena also incorporate some modern sonic maneuvers over the rock-solid base. Therefore, you may stumble upon some musical virtuosities that are one of the main characteristics of punk rock, garage rock, alternative rock, and indie rock. Lyena do not hesitate to experiment with complementary genres if those experimentations will further improve their sound, so each new composition comes as more than a pleasant surprise.

Photo by Alice Titshall

Boys Toys appears as a profoundly detailed modern post-punk track that twists all the usual rules of the genre. Lyena thought about every detail enclosed within less than four-minute of raw, abrasive, fuzzy sonic artistry. Still, this song also has its harmonious, melodic, cathartic moments during the choruses, where the band shines bright with flawlessly executed orchestrations. It seems like the abrasive and cathartic sides of this song are continuously clashing for dominance, but the band thought about it and assembled this song so both aspects could work in harmony. If modern post-punk is something you profoundly love, then Boys Toys will be right up your alley. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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