Moon Walker – Doombox

Moon Walker - Doombox

After a critically acclaimed full-length release, Los Angeles garage rock duo Moon Walker returns with a new single. It is a proper continuation to their album Truth To Power, which gathered a lot of positive critics from the broader auditorium. Doombox is their sixth song in a row from the series of singles launched in 2021 and the first release this year. Moon Walker walks an already established path based upon several subgenres of rock music. At this particular composition, you’ll stumble upon catchy rock’n’roll, garage rock, hard rock, and indie rock, but you may also find out some other elements included along the way.

Moon Walker
Photo by Madison McConnell

Still, it seems that Moon Walker further improved their already luxurious sound by adding even more sonic delicacies into the mix. Doombox carries flawlessly executed rock’n’roll riffs drenched in a decent amount of fuzz distortion. However, Moon Walker left enough room for melodies, harmonies, and other more ear-appealing elements to breathe throughout the entire song. This particular style of rock’n’roll music applies to both old and new fans of the genre. Therefore, Doombox will appeal to even the pickiest admirers of rock’n’roll music. Doombox is available for listening on all streaming services, while the video is available for watching on YouTube.

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