Fanchon – rsm SMiLe

Fanchon - rsm SMiLe

British alternative/indie artist Fanchon released a new single today. rsm SMiLE is the fourth composition in the row from the series of singles launched in 2020 and the first single in 2022 that comes after a two-year break. This number carries some innovations, additions, expansions, and some new band members. Therefore, rsm SMiLE introduces Frazer, who contributed as a drummer and a fellow songwriter. Their collaboration introduced a slightly heavier sound, built upon several complementary music genres. Besides primary musical direction, a brand new song embraces elements of alternative rock, grunge, indie rock, and pop-punk music. These experimentations with various genres resulted in a catchy tune that will appeal to every fan of grunge revival.

Frazier of Fanchon

rsm SMiLE possesses all the vital elements of grunge music. The song commences with raw, abrasive, heavy riffs that vividly resemble the best years of this particular genre. The same chord progressions are also part of catchy choruses. On the other hand, verses showcase a much calmer, soothing, relaxing indie side, which serves as such a nice contrast to the beforementioned heavy chord progressions. rsm SMiLE unquestionably possesses moments where all the involved instruments burst with tremendous power and dynamics. Still, Fanchon also left a lot of room for the melodic aspect of the song. You should check out this track if contemporary grunge music is something you prefer. rsm SMiLE is available for listening on all streaming services.

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