Mama Jefferson – Jizzmag LP


Today, we’re covering a very interesting band emanating from Switzerland. Mama Jefferson originates from Zürich, and this remarkable trio operates as a precise noisy ensemble with dozen of notable tricks pulled off from their sleeves. The band declares trash rock as their primary weapon of choice, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye. There’s a full specter of various involvements underneath the simplistic description such as trash rock, and the band charmingly deals with all these influences. Jizzmag is their debut contribution to the broader auditorium, included of ten thoughtfully arranged masterpieces that will surpass the expectations of those who foresee another condensed rock album. Mama Jefferson provides wonderful musicianship showcased by elements of intense noise rock, aesthetics of art-rock, the catchiness of alternative scene, the dirtiness of the nineties grunge sound, ferocious dynamics of punk rock, and occasional calmy indie moments. All these elements have been indulged to immensely stalwart orchestrations of the complete trio, which certainly sounds like there’s a complete ensemble supporting them at the very background. The centerpieces of Mama Jefferson are undoubtfully profound lead female vocals, which are highlighting each moment with marvelous chanting technics. These vocal technics provide gracious layers of hypnotic vocal brilliance over the remarkable guitar harmonizations. Guitars are firing both clean and gradually distorted tones according to the orchestrations of the rest of the band, but also provide some interesting themes to enhance the ambiance. These stringy instrumentations have been supported by the robust fuzziness of the bass guitar and enormously precise drumming performance. Mama Jefferson sounds unified throughout the entire recording, each bandmember is the integral partition of the group, and judging by their music, it seems they feel comfortable among each other. Jizzmag is a proper demonstration of how contemporary rock music should sound when it has been performed by the musicians who are aware of their enormous musical capabilities. This epic album possesses all the vital elements of each genre Mama Jefferson somehow managed to involve while working on this material, and true admirers of contemporary rock sound will definitely recognize the urge of these individuals to express themselves through this powerful medium. Jizzmag has been released on vinyl by Mama Jefferson in the spirit of the DIY ethos, but it’s also available on compact discs and at all streaming services.

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