Dead Venus – Bird Of Paradise CD


Dead Venus is a Swiss progressive rock group comprised of proficient musicians. The music of this experienced trio is hard to define by simplistic words. It certainly carries some sort of recognizable elements of much more prominent genres of rock, but it goes down less known streams of experimental progressive subgenres. The band started their sonic explorations during 2015 when Seraina Telli (previously of Burning Witches) has decided she needs more room to express herself by incorporating a much broader specter of music genres to merge all the ideas into a massive sonic comprehensive collection. She eventually managed to gather a couple of skillful practitioners of progressive arts, such as André Gärtner and Mike Malloth, and the group was armed by the intense rhythm section from the very beginnings. The band has recorded a self-titled EP last year, which served as a perfect overture to Bird Of Paradise, a proper full-length record that includes eleven intense compositions. The first notable thing I’ve spotted about the sound of Dead Venus is their ability to carry out different atmospheres, special moods and deliver steady dosages of pure sonic craftsmanship. The trio unquestionably tends to communicate with potential admirers of their sound art through an extensive euphonic assemblage. The pure essence of Dead Venus lays in magnificent high range vocal skills of Seraina Telli, and her intense chants undoubtfully serve as a substantial medium. Besides being the frontman of the group, Seraina also performs on acoustic guitar, piano, and keyboards. These instruments accommodate certain moods presented within these compositions, but the overall atmosphere relies on complex orchestration of the André Gärtner and Mike Malloth. André Gärtner is responsible for the tremendous acoustic and distorted basslines that sonically illustrate low-end tones of the group. However, the compactness of the Dead Venus relies upon technically precise drumming instrumentations of Mike Malloth. Dead Venus acts as progressive trio mainly inspired by the progressive rock, ambient metal, fusion jazz, but the group leaves loads of space for even more experimentations with the sound. The ambiance ranges from pleasant calmy moments and transforms in much more eerie situations, where your mind is dealing with a full range of chromatic variations, shredding maneuvers, jazzy scales, and rhythmical progressions. Dead Venus examines musical theory through highly anticipated melodies, which have been stacked with impressively performed segments. Bird Of Paradise has been published as a double vinyl record and digipack compact disc by the band, so I highly advise to pay closer attention to this impressive trio.

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