CF98 – Dead Inside EP


Considering current global events, climate changes, pollution, economic crisis, and present pandemic, at least we can hope for is some quality music. Unlike the larger portion of humanity, bands can take a break from touring, musicians can finally settle home, work on their ideas, and eventually record a brand new material as CF98 did. You may be familiar with this characteristic Polish skate punk crew when we took their Rotten To The Core CD EP and covered it with a proper article. The band originates from Kraków, has been active for over fourteen years, rehearsed, recorded, toured, evolved during that period, but they undoubtfully become an even better band with years. Their brand new extended play shapeshifts the sound of CF98 to another dimension, and these intense compositions appear to be more technically advanced than its predecessors. CF98 has been fronted by a charismatic Karolina, and her voice charmingly decorates the skate punk foundations, on which the remaining group solely relies upon. The rest of the group retains dynamics through six fast-paced compositions that go beyond contemporary melodic punk rock trends. Perhaps Dead Inside leans towards the pop-punk sound, but the excellent drumming performance keeps it close to the skate punk branch throughout the entire recording. Ridiculously gracious portions of chord progressions, power pop arpeggios, notable scales, and other melodic punk rock shreddings are keeping everything even more ear-appealing. These remarkable harmonizations are the sole essence of the CF98 sound, and warm sounding basslines saturate these marvelous orchestrations with dominant low-end tones. These massive bass guitar tones also create euphonious bondages between powerful guitar instrumentations and technically precise drumming. The entire groups deliver top-notch performance through generous doses of perfectly executed pop-punk sound, which has been drenched into the aesthetics of skate punk music. Dead Inside showcases the creative breakthrough of CF98 and how the longevity of the group can positively influence the evolutive process of the entire band. Dead Inside has been produced by Ishay Berger of the legendary Useless ID, who done impressive work on this one. Dead Inside is coming soon on vinyl, so keep your eyes peeled on this one.

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