Mark & The Wolves – Lost For Words CD (Thousand Islands Records)


Lost For Words is a brand new EP by Mark & The Wolves, a remarkable skate punk band originating from La Baie, a city in the Saguenay region in the province of Quebec, Canada. The group transmits tremendously energetic melodic frequencies since 2010. Previously, they have recorded We’re All The Sinners that has been distributed digitally through various streaming services, and Brothers Of Sound that has been released as a compact disc by Thousand Islands Records. Lost For Words emits dozen of profoundly dynamic skate punk numbers, which have been saturated with subtle elements of melodic hardcore punk music. Mark & The Wolves thoroughly examine these ingredients by gradually combining them. These thoughtfully arranged elements resulted in six mindblowing compositions that are hovering somewhere in between the nineties Californian punk scene and aesthetics of the contemporary skate punk sound. This material commences with a beautiful acoustic intro Against The Wind, which serves as a great overture to the remaining portion of the songs. This particular tune has been empowered by the melodic chants that kinda predict what’s coming up next. Right after the calmy overture, the band bursts fast-paced rhythms and blistering riffages through Singularity. Energetic guitar shreddings have been drenched in generous portions of octaves, and this particular composition includes simplistic guitar solo somewhere at the very end. The band continues at the same pace with Sheeps & Shepherds, but guitar dualities are even more dominant than before. These marvelous instrumentations have been backed by the intense basslines and dynamic drumming sections that are holding the band in line. The Revolt comes up next, and it seems that Mark & The Wolves are using an already proven formula, mainly characteristic for Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords bands. Don’t get me wrong, these compositions are sounding awesome, and the group pays decent homage to the music they dearly admire by incorporating vital elements of the genre. A Matter Of Time delivers a much calmer, melodic, subtle side of the band, and this extraordinary composition includes cleverly performed singalongs. The lead vocal has been spotlighted throughout the entire song, and that keeps this unique number enjoyable from beginning to an end. Chunky basslines indicate the commencing of Dear Thomas L, the last composition on this record. The band returns to the main theme, so this intense track provides another look to the beautiful world of fast-paced punk rock music. These Canadian punk rockers have taken the best from both worlds and created a straightforward skate-punk masterpiece, which will definitely accommodate older fans of this distinctive genre. Lost For Words has been published on compact disc by Thousand Islands Records, but it is also available in a bundle alongside the previous record. Check out the Thousand Islands website for further info.

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