Spinners – Operation: Breakout CD (Sideshow Records)


We’re beholding a post-hardcore revival in the last couple of years, and to be fair, there’s a lot of exceptional albums recorded by immensely good bands all over the world. This spectacular subgenre of hardcore punk music has made a tremendous comeback on the scene with its recognizable blend of creativeness, dynamics, so it surely made the same impact as thirty years ago. To be honest, I like revivals because they showcase how certain musicians are still affected by particular genres. Operation: Breakout is a fourth full-length album by the Spinners and their latest offering to the wider audience. The band has been pretty much active since their formation in 2008, and so far they’ve published a couple of recordings such as Everybody Needs A Lie, Spinners, Ghosts, and 5 Songs EP. Operation: Breakout offers eleven brand new compositions charged with nothing but uncompromising energy. Unlike many of the contemporaries, Spinners are practicing a raw approach to post-hardcore instead of accumulating overly produced sound, so their music also maintains various noise-rock experiments. The band merges thoughtfully arranged guitar shreddings, that have been perpetuated with subtly distorted bass guitar maneuvers to deliver even fuzzier ambiance on the plate. Both instruments have been wondrously paired with progressive drumming sequences, which are certainly centerpieces of the Spinners sound. Memorable vocals are also playing a big part on this incredible sonic journey, and they’re absolutely matched with presented music. The band manipulates the sound like a singular living organism, and it’s simply mindblowing how these multigenre melodic clusters are penetrating the foundations of the Spinners post-hardcore sound. Each composition deals with unique dualities between calmful melodies and an immensely aggressive approach to a full specter of various influences that undoubtfully made a huge impact on the band. This full-length album delivers all the vital elements of post-hardcore, but you may also encounter a few jump-ins in post-punk, noise rock, or grunge music. One thing is for sure, you’ll not regret if you decide to pick this album. Operation: Breakout has been published on compact disc by Sideshow Records, but it is also available at the Spinners Bandcamp page.

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