Pears – Pears LP (Fat Wreck Chords)


Pears emerged from the New Orleans underground punk scene and evolved to one of the most recognizable Fat Wreck heavyweights in a matter of a couple of years. They caught my attention after I heard their debut full-length Go To Prison, which has been published by Anxious & Angry but later on has been re-released by Fat Wreck Chords. If Go To Prison was a starting point for the Pears, then Green Star paved their way to success on the underground punk rock scene. The band added numerous improvements to their sound, and the shift forward was hearable almost immediately. During these years, Pears has also published some EP recordings such as …In Diapers, and Letters To Memaw. Finally, Pears are back with another banging record, published a couple of days ago. The band once again showcases certain improvements, evolvements, and their creativeness has resulted in fourteen powerful hardcore punk compositions that have already claimed positive critics of the punk rock community. Social media literally exploded with loads of posts about their album, so I was hyped to take a closer glimpse at their brand new recordings. This recording possesses all the essential elements of hardcore punk but also digs deep down into the roots of melodic punk rock music. Pears have become widely known for these types of sonic explorations, but it seems they’re going more radical with this album than ever before. Monstrously sounding guitars are filling the entire room with a raging combination of arpeggiated chord progressions and vigorous shreddings that are bursting with such diverse ideas on each composition. These shredding maneuvers have been accompanied by an intense performance on the bass guitar that perfectly pairs with the full specter of low-end tones. Both instruments amplify the ambiance by enormous doses of recognizable sheer energy, which has become a Pears signature over the years. Nothing would sound so intensifying without maniacal drumming performance pervaded by plentiful of various tempo changes, vigorous drumbeats, and ferocious drum fills. Vocals are delivering a condescending serving of various singing technics, cleverly arranged according to express certain feelings in a particular song segment. All these elements designate an amazing brand new album that guarantees loads of listening pleasures. Pears nailed once again, mainly because of their capability to conduct the message through brilliant musicianship that has definitely evolved to massive proportions. It’s a decisive step further for a band that obviously never fails to amaze. The album has been published on vinyl and compact disc by Fat Wreck Chords, but you can also stream it on all streaming services across the web.

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