Main Line 10 – Legacy


Main Line 10 has treated us with another smashing record that leaked on the web a couple of days ago. For those who are not familiar with this brilliant band, Main Line 10 began their sonic journey in Palma De Mallorca in 2005. They immediately received a deserved recognition among the fans of skate punk music. There’s something special about this band that always gives me the chills down the spine when I spin their records. One thing is for sure, the feeling was exactly the same when I had a chance to write a couple of lines about their previous recording The Fox on our pages. Perhaps it’s because of their ability to consolidate notable emotive melodic moments performed by highly precise guitars, followed by vigorous ultra-dynamic drumming sequences that are pounding with the same intensity during the entire recording, or vibrantly clear bass guitar tones, which has been produced to comfy even the pickiest listening apparatus. The band demonstrates an immense effort by examining contemporary skate punk trends but solely focuses on uplifting dynamics, thoughtful arrangements and magnificent production. Perhaps Main Line 10 is relying upon foundations of skate punk music, but the group also includes various elements of metal and hardcore punk music, so the Legacy sounds diverse during the entire recording without detouring from the actual musical direction. Vocals are definitely taking all these sonic maneuvers on a completely new level with high pitched chanting, various vocal dualities, singalongs, but you may encounter much more aggressive singing technics along the way. One thing is for certain, Main Line 10 has recorded an impressive collection of delightful compositions that will suit to all the fans of contemporary skate punk music. Legacy is currently available on Spotify and Youtube. Considering the massive quality of this material, it’s only a matter of time until these Spanish punk rockers sign a proper record deal. Until then, support them by giving the Legacy some spins at these streaming services.

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