Llacuna – Incendis LP (Various Labels)


The emo scene is alive and well thanks to an endless effort of newer bands who are proudly bearing the torch of this unique genre. Emo went through a million phases since its introduction to the underground in the mid-eighties, but it evolved into such a specific genre that definitely deserves our full attention. The bands are delivering such a powerful message through great musicianship, and they are easily pairing to the giants who paved the way at the very beginnings. Llacuna is one of those newer bands who are delivering a fresh perspective on the genre. Their beautiful compositions have been pervaded with beautiful lyrics written in Spanish, but after closer examination, I realized they have been written in a very personal context. The lyrics are dealing with everyday struggles, various situations, different circumstances, problems, emotions, love, and all other topics that are dominantly featured in our lives. Their brilliant music carries loads of notable moments, mainly performed by slightly distorted/mid-clean guitars that are transmitting gracious servings of heartwarming melodies. These guitar shreddings are mastered till perfection, so you can catch up with each tone performed with such precision. On the other hand, bass guitar possesses such a distinctive sound, and it also goes somewhere between clean and subtly distorted sound. It certainly supplies both guitars with pleasant low-end tones, performed through a wide array of wonderful basslines. Amazing drumming performance provides a lot of dynamics, decorates magnificent guitar shreddings, and fulfills the ambiance with enormous portions of positive vibes. The trumpet is one of the coolest additions of this band, so you’ll definitely memorize their music through beautiful melodic solos of this astonishing brass instrument. To be honest, I can’t think of any other emo band who has a brass section within the group, but Llacuna really nailed with this one. Vocals are also giving another dimension to these compositions. The lead vocalist delivers highly emotive lyrics with such a distinctive vocal performance, while the rest of the band helps out with powerful singalongs that are thoughtfully implemented at all the right places. The Incendis is such a magnificent continuation of their previous self-titled recording, so if you already loved their music, you’ll love this amazing brand new album even more. The album has been published on vinyl in collaboration between Bcore Disc, La Agonie De Vivir, Pundonor Records, CGTH Records, and Saltamarges Records. As you can see, there’s plenty of options for ordering, so grab this record by any means.

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