Slow Jams – Heavy Blues 7” (Various Labels)


Slow Jams is a hardcore punk quintet formed by the members of renowned bands such as Blame It On The Ocean, Days Of Discord, Northern, Guillotine, plus many others. Despite members being stationed all over Europe, Slow Jams has stated Berlin as their home base. The band has started in 2018, so since then, they’ve recorded a couple of recordings such as debut cassette release To The Bone, and another cassette release of their split recording with Drip-Fed, which has been recorded live in Berlin. Slow Jams nurtures a ferocious approach to modern hardcore punk music, accompanied by powerful soaring vocals, great musicianship, and outstanding arrangements that go beyond hardcore standards. The main element that departs Slow Jams from the vast sea of other related hardcore punk bands is a pounding sound of a bass guitar that soars with almost the same sonic presence with other instruments. Still, the entire band appears to be equalized till perfection, while the basslines are mainly highlighting the certain segments of these magnificent compositions. Both guitars are transmitting loads of thoughtfully incorporated riffages that are providing such an appealing base for maniacally articulated screams. All these instrumentations have been orchestrated by highly energetic drumming sequences, aiming to highlight all those arrangements showcased by the rest of the band. Their music has been empowered with magnificent singalongs that are providing these raging compositions with even more massiveness throughout the entire recording. Slow Jams demonstrates savagery through four ferocious compositions that last no more than eight minutes in total, so expect nothing but unlimited sonic aggression. You’ll definitely love this 7” record if you’re into modern hardcore punk but also expect loads of old school hardcore elements and occasional crudeness of punk rock music. This EP has been accompanied by a simplistic, but yet effective cover artwork depicting fingers intertwined with a thread. Heavy Blues has been published as a 7” vinyl in cooperation between 5FeetUnder Records, Sengaja Records, and Financial Ruin, but you can also stream it on various streaming services.

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