Refused – War Music LP (Search And Destroy Records / Spinefarm Records)


Refused are back with another magnificent record that embarks a new epoch for this eminent Swedish hardcore band. After their indeterminate hiatus, they came back with another startling album called Freedom which acclaimed some positive critics along the way, but War Music is perhaps even more significant for their career than their comeback album. The band doesn’t change their musical direction. Rather than that, they’ve shifted to even more radical activism, so all the compositions are enhanced with brilliant lyrics that call each individual or a group to raise their hands and oppose against the rotten system. Musicwise, the band still extracts some impressive abilities from their sleeves, so besides some classic hardcore or should I say post-hardcore music, Refused are consolidating some art-punk, post-rock, metal and indie elements, but at some moments you can even remark bits and pieces of psychedelic rock music. Refused bursts enormous portions of intelligence, eloquence, aggression, ferocity and great musicianship which has been showcased by some monumental riffages, brilliant basslines, some impressive drumbeats full of ridiculously amazing breaks and fills. As usual, Dennis provides his best efforts to reflect the wrath of the entire band and his lyrics are directly pointing finger at some very important subjects such as failing economy, corrupted system, police oppression, questioning authority and importance of communism in the times when multinational corporations are exploiting third world countries and Earth resources to the max. Their thoughtful lyrics are complementing great arrangements of War Music which indeed calls out to join the war against the capitalist system. War Music has been published in a collaboration between Search And Destroy Records and Spinefarm Records, and it’s available on black vinyl or at all the streaming services, so treat your ears with some revolutionary music.

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