Rocket Fuel – Too Big Too Early CD EP


Rocket Fuel is a melodic punk rock ensemble from Hague, Netherlands which has been developed at the end of 2017 by former affiliates of Coral Springs, Screech, Blender & Touch Me I’m Dick. Too Big Too Early is their newest offering to the more comprehensive audiences and it’s comprised of five outstanding dynamic punk rock songs supplemented by high dosages of raw energy. Monsters is the opening composition of this one and the group is distributing high percentages of diverse melodies performed through thoughtful arrangements. This song is also an excellent opening track which intimates some enormous servings of energy throughout the entire material. Rocket Fuel showcase their hardcore punk background with Wasted and this track is such an extraordinary example of a magnificent skate punk rock song accompanied with the elements of hardcore punk. This composition is more effective and faster than the preceding one and conceivably it is the best indicator of Rocket Fuel’s sound. The band remains to illuminate brighter with even more melodic Too Far Gone, which is enhanced with very effective verses and memorable choruses. This remarkable composition is so unique because of the intoning methods which operate wondrous with all the proffered riffs. Rocket Fuel advances at the corresponding tempo with She Gets, more calmy number, but with excellent guitar dualities and brilliant basslines. She Gets is also furnished with some thoughtful choruses which indeed remain significant for a very long period. The band revolves into much more hardcore punk waters with Crossing Over. Like the rest of the material, Crossing Over is also improved by the powerful choruses, but the verses are also efficient because of some exceedingly performed verses full of ferocity and rage. This particular composition is such an outstanding closure to an astonishing mini-album by a band that solely knows how to deal with melodic structures, various tempos, and enormously effective arrangements. Too Big Too Early possesses some impressive moments, and the band certainly possesses tools of the trade to write, compose and perfectly execute a tremendous specter of brilliant riffages, with choruses being so significant and unique in every conceivable way. Too Big Too Early has been published on a CD in the spirit of DIY ethics and the entire digipack packaging looks effective and beautiful. Besides compact disc, Too Big Too Early is available on Deezer, Pandora, and iTunes, so make sure to check out this great melodic punk rock band.

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