(The) Lesser Men – References, Reflections: Revelations LP (Geenger Records)


Previously, we announced a brand new LP by Croatia’s finest (The) Lesser Men through an essentially retrospective examination of the Bedroom, their relentlessly genuine second full-length album which commended some positive critics and an extensive following on social networks. Today we’re covering References, Reflections: Revelations LP, their third album which conveys tremendous servings of innovations in the sound of this prominent quartet. (The) Lesser Men recapitulates where they started with Bedrooms, so their music is still melodic, divine, calmful, with a lot of distinguishing, thoughtful musical structures that greatly improve their sound. Besides their explorations in pleasing genres such as indie rock, indie pop, alternative or conceivably post-rock, the band also excavates deeply into some goth rock caverns, shoegaze and ambient experimentations with keyboards almost remaining dominant on the entire record. Still, the appearance of other instruments is more than hearable and they’re not excluded or forsaken. To be more specific, the band simply possesses all the awareness on how to execute all the ingenious ideas and record a decent material that will gratify all the generations. Vocals are playing a big role in this band and they’re sung in such a calmful manner, so you’ll undoubtfully lay back and enjoy this pleasant sonic voyage. References, Reflections: Revelations is a proper demonstration of adult disoriented rock which will indulge all your senses and force you to admire this wicked world a bit more then you used before. The album has been published by Geenger Records, an eminent record label from Zagreb, Croatia which carries a large quantities of impressive bands on their roster, so I urge you to grasp this album both physically or digitally, or preorder a vinyl version and treat your ears with some charming compositions of (The) Lesser Men.

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