Martwa Natura / Schmitt – Solecka – Stadlmeier – II (Attenuation Circuit)


If you like some dark ambient sounds in the morning as I do, then you’ll love this split. Martwa Natura teamed up with Emerge and it resulted in more than half of an hour of very good sound experimentations full of strange sounding vocals distorted by a delay and echo effects, weird background ambiance and a bit of drone at the background. The track gets harsher occasionally which gives much more intense sound to the entire composition. Vocals of Solecka (Martwa Natura) and magic od Stadlmeier (Emerge) are an incredible combination and this is one of those collaborations which will impress you from the very beginning. The second track from this amazing split release is a collaboration between Solecka, Stadlmeier, and Schmitt. We previously had a chance to review Schmitt’s Suspicion Breeds Confidence and for those who have heard it before, you know how good it is. This track is much more different than the previous one with almost no intro at the beginning. Also, it has a sampled rhythm in the background, much more white noise, bells and cracks which gives a new dimension to this split release. Sometimes it has an industrial vibe, but still, it’s a dark ambient track full of surprises from time to time. Perfect release for those who are into ambient music.

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