Rest As Mutes – A Secret History Of Our Future CD


Rest As Mutes are originating from Seattle, WA and A Secret History Of Our Future is their second full-length record comprised of six highly progressive compositions that go beyond conventional musical boundaries. This astonishing trio is dealing with overflowing portions of shoegaze, post-hardcore, post-punk, noise rock, psychedelic rock, and grunge, but all the aforementioned ingredients are well-combined into one specific unifying harmonious masterpiece. These tremendous compositions are melancholic, melodic, calmy, frequently performed with a lot of sense and with a pleasant dosage of psychedelic moments. Rest As Mutes grasp their music in more moderate tempos, so all the numbers are beyond five minutes, but you’ll be amazed by how these compositions are transmitting some calmful vibes throughout the entire album. These skillful musicians are exploring all the capabilities of their musical instruments through various experimentations with some quality arrangements and great musicianship, so A Secret History Of Our Future could be easily characterized as psychedelic shoegaze masterpiece with a post-hardcore attitude. It appears that the band explores even more as the album approaches a conclusion, so the songs such an opening Sermon and the following Voyage are less progressive, but more like an introduction into the sound of Rest As Mutes, when the Harvest gives a better conclusion to the shoegaze sound of the band. The rest of the material is comprised of compositions such as Plague, Trial, and Witches which are more progressive, aggressive, experimental and goes towards the post-hardcore sound. Rest As Mutes can be easily correlated with the greats such as Fugazi, NoMeansNo, Melvins, Devo, Mission Of Burma because the band is incorporating a wide array of various elements which has been obtained from all those different musical styles, but on the other hand, these styles complement one another. A Secret History Of Our Future has been published by the band itself and it’s available on a CD at their Bandcamp page, so go ahead and check out this powerful Seattle trio.

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